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Three years ago an outbreak of the Mortera virus spread across Southern Asia. This exploded across the continent and into Europe leaving unexplained destruction in its wake.

In 2016 Polex institution had been re-commissioned by the British Military to tackle the correction of the Mortera virus victims this ensuring the survival of our great nation and the extinction of the virus. Although military backed, Reverent Dr John-Dean Brentwood controlled Polex Institution, the areas only test centre. His beliefs in experimental treatments were instigated throughout the camp. Rev Dr J D Brentwood admitted all patients to correction through fear – FEAR IS CORRECTION! Patients who refuse treatment were instantly eliminated!

One year on the British military of defence are recalling all citizens on British soil to be re-examined to ensure no citizen has any trace of the Mortera virus in their blood stream. Examination is compulsory! Rumours are spreading that the Vixeiro have been spotted. Its believed the virus species became extinct, but chemical waist from an undisclosed institution has leaked into poorly secured sewer systems residents are yet again no longer safe from the Mortera Virus! You're place at Polex Institution test centre awaits, you must be screened for your own safety!